Prestige Angled Oval Sash Brush 35mm

SKU: 23138-035

Prestige Angled Oval Sash Brush 35mm

SKU: 23138-035

  • High specification synthetic filaments for strong pick-up and a steady paint release – a quality finish
  • Long waxed FSC® Certified waxed wooden handle for comfortable grip during precision work
  • The ideal shaped head for cutting-in & detailed work with greater coverage
  • Great for precision painting of windows, doors and woodwork

“When using solvent-based paints clean immediately after use, removing as much excess paint as possible with either a paper towel or something similar, then clean appropriately with a suitable cleaner or white spirit. Alternatively, retain the brush in a vapour box if available.

When using water based paints clean with warm soapy water, then rinse in clean water and leave to dry. Use original packaging to help retain head shape.”

A 1″ flat brush made with Hamilton’s CleanEdgeTM filaments – these firmer, flagged tips have been meticulously engineered for use with today’s high viscosity paints. You will be able to push and drag thicker paints with ease whilst achieving precise, clean edges.

  • Firmer, shorter CleanEdgeTM filaments to push and drag thicker paints with ease
  • Use straight from the pack – no need to break in
  • Stainless steel ferrule – no rust and suitable for magnetic kettles
  • Vapour box compatible

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer, quite simply is, yes. Our Prestige brushes have high specification synthetic filaments that have been developed to deliver strong pick-up, steady paint release, accuracy and contol with all paint types.

With our history of innovation and expertise, we know that we are the brand that painters and decorators look to for quality, durability and, most importantly, suitability for the job at hand. Also we’re drastically reducing our use of single-use plastic packaging whilst all our wooden handles will now be FSC® Certified.

We have stockists nationwide. You can enter your details on our ‘Find your Stockist’ page here for quick results. If you’re still struggling to find what you need local to you, please email

We have developed our brand ranges based around the needs of the user. We recognise that Hamilton is a much-loved brand that all skill levels love to use.

In light of this, Perfection has been developed as our ‘top tier’ offering giving more specific choice and quality for the discerning professional painter and decorator – we know that tools are life and they need to be high quality and last in the long term.

Prestige has been developed to bring more breadth of choice – here you will find every tool you need for a really professional job. This is why our Prestige range holds the vast majority of our tools.

For the Trade range has been developed specifically for the multi-skilled tradesperson – for whom perhaps, painting and decorating is not a full-time focus. Easy speak, no messing, simple choices combined with high quality materials, comfort in use and the advantage of Hamilton expertise.

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