Perfection Pure Bristle Brushes – 4 Box Set

SKU: 12120-004

Contains: 1 x 1″, 1 x 1.5″ & 2 x 2″ Brushes

Perfection Pure Bristle Brushes – 4 Box Set

SKU: 12120-004

Contains: 1 x 1″, 1 x 1.5″ & 2 x 2″ Brushes

  • High quality natural bristle
  • For use with oil-based paints
  • Quality varnised wooden handles
  • Vapour box compatible

Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions. Clean immediately after use (try a brush comb), removing as much excess paint as possible. Use a recommended solvent-based cleaner, followed by soapy water if using oil-based paints. Use warm soapy water if using water-based paints. Rinse in clean water and leave to dry. Use original packaging to retain head shape.

Our much-loved Perfection Pure Bristle brushes use the highest quality  natural bristle, for a brush that breaks in over time, and can only get better. Our standard flat head brushes are great for all paint jobs. The comfortable handle shape allows for excellent control.

  • Superb paint pick-up and spreading rates
  • Rust-resistant, stainless steel ferrules
  • Break in for brushes that get better over time
  • Help retain brush shape by storing in original packaging

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The answer, quite simply is, yes.  However, it is important to bear in mind that our brush heads use material designed specifically with the paint application in mind, so results may very when using a synthetic brush with oil-based paint when it is designed for water-based applications.

Our Prestige and For the Trade ranges have a wide selection of brushes developed for use with all paints.  When searching brushes, use the filter options to narrow them down.  Our Perfection brushes use the latest innovation in filament technology, so you should ideally use a synthetic head for water-based paints for the best possible result.

No, you don’t.  Unlike traditional natural bristle brushes, synthetic brush filaments won’t wear.  They are also already designed for the task at hand and will be all, or some of the following: tapered, flagged, fine-tipped.  You’ll get a smoother finish straight from the pack – they’ll also clean more easily!

Most of our brushes are vapour box compatible, and when they are you’ll see this stated within the products features.  Generally, a brush that is used for oil-based (solvent-based) paints is kept moist rather than cleaned in-between each job – a vapour box helps this process.  A synthetic brush when used with water-based paints can generally be washed under the tap.

Bear in mind that any special varnishes, coatings, lacquers – or metals that aren’t resistant – may corrode or crack when used in a vapour box.

We refer to surfaces like this to make the selection of the most suitable roller sleeve easier.  Below are some examples to help you decide: 

Smooth surfaces include those recently plastered (an dry) plasterboard or lining paper. Use a short pile sleeve for these surfaces. 

Semi-smooth surfaces can be woodchip or lightly patterned, or previously painted. Use a medium pile sleeve for these surfaces – this is the most common pile. 

Rough surfaces are usually artex or more heavily patterned.  Use a long pile sleeve for these surfaces. 

There are also Extra-rough surfaces which can include period building walls, or exposed brickwork.  You’ll need an extra-long pile rollers for these. 

A masonry sleeve is designed perfectly for brickwork, pebbledash and concrete – perfect for outdoors, and indoor surfaces such as cellar walls. 

This depends on the type of brush head (filament) and the paint used.  Synthetic filaments clean much more easily than natural bristle.  When using water-based or hybrid paints you can usually clean well under the tap – a brush comb is always a good idea too to remove any excess paint towards the base of the head. 

When using an oil-based (solvent-based) paint you may decide to use a vapour box (see vapour box FAQ) – this will help keep the bush head moist for future work. 

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