We know a lot of our users love our Expression range – our next generation of paint brushes.  But, it seems your long-term love of our Perfection Synthetic brushes was too strong!

We are no longer developing the Expression range, but do not despair.

We will be continuing with our Expression Precision 20mm brush for your precision painting needs.  We know that this is a much-loved addition to your toolkit.  Not familiar with it?


  • Developed to work exceptionally well with today’s paints
  • MaxStroke™ filament tips that give a consistently smooth finish
  • Use longer paint strokes & less dips
  • TriTech™ Technology for precise straight lines, corners & details
  • Ideal for reaching into awkward corners
  • Long Beechwood handle for accuracy & stability with close-up detail work
  • Plastic Cover keeps brush moist for 72 hours and protects the head when stored

We can also recommend our classic and well-loved Perfection Synthetic range, with Finely tipped and flagged high quality synthetic filaments for a perfect finish with today’s water-based paints. Our Perfection synthetic brushes offer a perfect finish straight from the pack.


Take a look at them here.

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