Bagnall & Carter

Bristol based decorators Bagnall & Carter transformed this once rotting and moulding front door to an inviting sage green feature with a mirror-like finish and polished furniture.

The Process

Paul started by removing all furniture fixings for polish and then stripped the door back to bare wood by using a heat gun. Once reverted, the door was sanded smooth using a Makita palm sander.

With the door moulding and rotting at the bottom, the lower mouldings were removed and replaced with new ones, after they had been pre-primed. The rotting timber was removed in preparation for the wood hardener treatment. Once treated, repairs began starting with a two-pack filler for the open joints and treated surfaces before sanding to flat once again.

Next, all knots on the door were spotted with Zinsser BIN and primed with 2 coats of Zinsser Bullseye 123, sanding between each. Zinsser products were applied using Perfection pure bristle brushes.

The door was now repaired, primed and ready for paint. A layer of Dulux undercoat was applied with a Perfection short pile roller before the entire surface of the door was covered in Toupret Gras A lacquer and sanded. The Gras A lacquer enhanced the gloss finish, contributing to the incredible end result seen in the gallery above.

After a wet & dry sand, the first coat of the beautiful sage green Dulux Weathershield gloss was applied using the Perfection short pile roller and finished with the Prestige laying off brush. The first coat was left to dry for 24 hours when it was then given another wet & dry sand before the final topcoat was applied with the same technique as before, rolled on with the Perfection short pile roller and finished with the Prestige laying off brush.

To finish, the newly polished furniture was restored.

Bagnall & Carter is a unique Painting & Decorating/Refurbishment business offering a professional service to both the domestic and commercial sectors.



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