SMR - Dresser

Simon Radestock of SMR recently restored this gorgeous grand dresser and finished in Farrow & Ball for a simply stunning result.

As specialists in high quality refurbishments, SMR were right at home when tasked with bringing some life back into a grand dresser that had seen better days.

The process began with a deep clean as the unit had been static for years picking up large amounts of unwanted dust and grease. Next, the dresser was thoroughly (and carefully) sanded, removing the old paintwork, and returned to bare wood in preparation for painting.

To paint, Simon opted for Farrow & Ball and used a combination of Hamilton products to achieve the perfect finish. The Perfection angled synthetic brush offers precision and accuracy and was used for the windows, draws, legs and surrounding supports, and the match boarding was finished using a Prestige medium pile mini roller in conjunction with the Prestige laying off brush.

This case study was submitted by Simon Radestock of SMR.

SMR specialise in high quality refurbishments, including fitting out luxury bathrooms and hand painted kitchens.



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