18th Aug 2021

Did you know that with a simple pot of paint, you can delimit a space in a house without partitioning it?

Whether an interior is cramped, or with have large living areas, it is possible to separate or highlight spaces with just a few brushstrokes. By creating a colourful visual boundary, you can play with volumes and transform an interior. If you are working on a renovation project for a full house, here are a few examples of how to delimit spaces with paint.

Create a dedicated desk area

Do you want to create a dedicated area for an office? It is very easy! Set up an office corner in the entrance or living room and delimit it with paint. Paint the wall behind the desk in a darker colour than the rest of the room. It will stand out visually and become a space in its own right.

Highlight the sofa in the living room

Want to show off a beautiful sofa? Apply on the back wall a paint whose colour contrasts with that of the sofa, it will make it stand out. Alternatively, you can also paint a stripe of the same colour as the sofa or its cushions as a reminder of it.

Separate the kitchen from the dining room

It is very convenient to have an open kitchen directly giving to the dining room, but this setting may lack contrast. To separate the kitchen from the dining room without dividing the space, use a darker colour on the kitchen walls. To create the impression that it is a separate room, do not hesitate to paint the ceiling as well and play with the floor coatings. Indeed, you can opt for parquet flooring in the dining room and tiles in the kitchen to achieve a real visual separation.

Create a headboard in the bedroom

Paint the wall in a soothing and contrasting shade for about three feet above the bed. You can give free rein to your imagination by adopting the shape of your choice: rectangle, oval… And for a “four-poster bed” effect, paint the whole height of the wall and go up to the ceiling!

Define a play area in a child’s room

To separate the night space from the play area in a child’s bedroom, there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint! Once again, let your creativity speak for itself and play with shapes: coloured stripes, hut shapes, geometric shapes… And for an even more fun touch, opt for an effect paint that will please children, such as magnetic paint or a blackboard effect paint.

Highlight a staircase

To enhance staircases, nothing could be simpler: paint the risers in a colour that contrasts with the colour of the steps. This will also give the staircase an original look!

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