A Look at the Differences Between Perfection and Prestige

Let's take a look at a brief overview of these ranges, so you can see why we are so proud of our  Perfection and Prestige ranges:


A Brief Overview of Each Range


  • Perfection

Perfection is Hamilton's top-end line of paintbrushes, made using the very best materials and manufacturing methods. The result is a paint brush that provides optimum spreading rates, durability and a smooth finish. A notable feature of the synthetic line of Perfection brushes is the flagged ends of the filaments, which offer greater coverage, paint-hold and finishing

  • Prestige

Prestige is the second-tier brand from Hamilton. Like Perfection, this range offers synthetic and natural brush options, but there are a few differences. In terms of appearance and feel, the Prestige brushes feature unvarnished, beavertail handles and chemically tipped synthetic strands, but unlike Perfection, the Prestige synthetic brushes don’t offer the tipped ‘split-ends’


Natural Brushes

  • Perfection

The Perfection range includes a variety of natural brushes for painting with solvent-based paints. These Pure Bristle products feature satin-tipped bristles that help to generate maximum spread and produce a smoother finish. Additionally, the oval Pure Bristle brushes are ideal for painting profile surfaces due to their large pick-up and thick heads (read our guide on using oval paint brushes).

  • Prestige

Prestige also boasts a selection of natural brushes, but the difference between Prestige and Perfection here is that the bristles don't have satin tips, thus having reduced hold and laying off capability. Nevertheless, they still offer great pick-up, spread and finish. Like the Perfection line, Prestige also showcases oval brushes for profile surfaces and contours, and window brushes.

Synthetic Brushes

  • Perfection

Synthetic brushes are ideal for water-based painting. The Perfection line of brushes offer very fine high quality synthetic filaments that are flagged and tipped, allowing them to pick-up more paint and produce a smoother finish. The ends of the polyester filaments are also chemically tipped to ensure a pointed end, rather than a blunt one, as often seen with mechanical manufacturing methods.

The Perfection synthetic range also features the Perfection syntheic angled brush. Available in 35 and 50mm, this long handle brush offers exceptional control and precision when cutting-in.

Remember, the softer it feels, the finer the tip, the finer the tip, the finish the finish!

  • Prestige

The Prestige synthetic brushes are much like the Perfection line, but the main difference is that the ends of the synthetic filaments are not flagged, meaning that they don't split at the end. This reduces the coverage and paint pick-up of the brushes. This range still offers great pick-up and spreading rates, just not to the standard of Perfection.

Comparing the Handles

  • Perfection

The handles on both ranges differ. Perfection has a varnished handle made from wood and shaped like a Kaiser handle, offering excellent control and comfortable use. 

  • Prestige

Prestige features a smooth beavertail handle that is unvarnished, which offers great grip and control when you're brushing for long periods.



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