18th Aug 2021

Painting and decorating is an industry associated with numerous challenges on an everyday basis. One of the most prevalent (and least visible) is the presence of moisture on or beneath the surface of a wall.

Hidden moisture can result in numerous issues such as uneven drying, peeling and blistering. Even water-based paints are prone to problems if moisture is present. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to determine by a visual inspection alone. This is when the power of modern technology comes into play. A revolutionary moisture detector manufactured by Finna is set to transform the ways in which painters go about their daily tasks.

The Finna 9XDC Moisture Meter at a Glance

This hand-held moisture meter has been featured in many decorating news articles due to its small size and its user-friendly configuration. Equipped with two metallic prongs, it will provide quick and accurate readings of moisture levels on a surface. Please note that this meter can be used on both plaster and wood, so it represents a rather universal appeal that might not otherwise be possible.

Quick and Reliable Readings

The main face of this meter is equipped with a series of LED lights. These will display the level of moisture on a surface. Colour-coded progressions enable for a quick analysis and no previous experience is required. The levels of detectable moisture are as follows:

  • Wood: Between 12 and 28 per cent.
  • Plaster: Between 3 and 7 per cent.

Levels below these readings are negligible and content above such figures will normally be detected by the naked eye or by touch. Another massive benefit associated with this unit is that no calibrations are required.

For Prepping and Well as for Finish Jobs

 This all-in-one moisture meter can be used when preparing a surface before painting or when touching up a specific area that has already been finished. Some additional applications include:

  • Checking the moisture content before applying plaster.
  • Making certain that a surface is dry when painting a faux finish.
  • Priming bare wood such as door trim and crown moulding.

This unit is likewise excellent for outdoor uses, so there are few issues which it cannot address.

Additional Variants and More 

Finna has manufactured additional lines of moisture detectors in the event that other surfaces need to be addressed. Examples include gypsum wall board and concrete. They can be purchased by visiting the official Finna website. So, it is apparent that technology is playing an even more important role within the painting and decorating trade. This moisture detector will help to prevent unfortunate surprises and ultimately, it can save the professional a great deal of money in terms of completion times.

Benefits to the brushes

By using a tool like the Finna moisture meter in conjunction with your Hamilton brushes, you are ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for the job you are trying to complete. The moisture meter will help detect moisture and therefore prevent using your brushes on a moist wall and will avoid other issues. The issues that could occur are time consuming and could require redoing work which is not time efficient.

If you would like to keep up to date with similar decorating news, please be sure to check back at Hamilton Decorating Tools on a regular basis. When only the best accessories and advice is needed, we are here to help.

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