18th Aug 2021

The correct disposal of hazardous waste ensures that toxic chemicals do not harm the environment. The professional painting and decorating industry of course uses many types of paint on a daily basis and it is therefore imperative, for the individual as well as the environment, to know how to dispose of leftover paint and paint containers safely.
Paint Disposal Best Practice

Paint that is no longer in use, needs to be hardened using a paint solidifier (also known as paint hardeners) and disposed of as solid waste. For those inexperienced in this it would be worth consulting a paint specialist to advise you on paint disposal best practice.

Licensed Waste Facilities

Professional painters have the responsibility to safely and properly dispose of leftover paint in an attempt to conserve the environment. Consider contacting a licensed waste facility to facilitate proper waste disposal. This is especially advantageous for large painting and decorating projects. The company you choose to work with should have a carrier license as well as a waste permit for the disposal point.

Local Household Recycling Center

If you want to get rid of paint containers as well as unused paint, you can contact your local waste recycling centre. Unused paint needs to be in solid form as landfill sites do not accept liquid waste. Use paint hardener to solidify leftover paint before you think of how to dispose of it. Recycling centres recycle metal paint containers and use them as scrap metal. As for plastic containers, there are programs underway for future recycling.

Clean Up

As a professional painting and decorating specialist, you need to clean up before and after painting. The water used to wash painting equipment after a painting job is wastewater and should be properly handled. Consider using a water waste holding tank and have the wastewater hauled to an industrial waste disposal company if possible.


Proper disposal of paint ensures that toxins do not harm the environment. As a professional painter, you need to find out proper ways of disposing of paint containers and leftover paint and wastewater.

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