Buying & Using Oval Paint Brushes For Optimal Painting

Oval paint brushes are considered a premium paint brush, preferred by decorators because they cut in perfectly from the very first use, offer an even spread of paint, and they can be loaded with a much larger volume of paint than traditional brushes...

Oval Brushes

While they are a little more expensive than standard brushes, oval brushes are also more efficient, and they enable you to use specific brushes for specific purposes, rather than trying to find a single brush that will perform all required tasks.

A Contoured Head for Contoured Surfaces

The oval shaped head of the brush means that it more easily fits into or around contoured or profiled surfaces and evenly distributes paint. This means that you won’t need to go over the same areas multiple times, you won’t need to apply several coats for a smooth finish, and you won’t have to touch up untidy looking sections once the rest of the painting is complete.

Flexible Brushes for Many Purposes

Spindles, door and window frames, skirting boards, and pipes are some of the profiled surfaces that oval paint brushes can be used on, but any surface that isn’t flat will become much easier to cover with an even layer of paint. They can also be used for interior and exterior painting, and they are also well suited to clear varnish and waxes, as well as a variety of paint types.

An Even Finish from the First Use

Using a traditional brush for cutting in is certainly possible, but it requires considerable finesse, especially for the first few jobs while the paintbrush adapts to your use. They are designed for this purpose, and they don’t need breaking in before they offer a high quality finish. You can achieve a high grade professional paint finish from the very first time you use it, and you won’t need to apply any more finesse than you would normally use to paint flat surfaces with a traditional brush.

Increased Paint Loading

The oval contour of the brush not only provides an optimal spread and an even release of paint, but it also enables greater paint loading. The exact increase in paint load that you can enjoy will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the brush you are comparing to and the quality of your new oval shaped brush, but you can expect to hold 30% or more extra. This means you can cut the number of trips you make from surface to tray, encouraging a more optimal painting experience.

Buying Oval Paint Brushes

The shape of the head alone isn’t enough to ensure the best possible results. A wooden handle is comfortable and smooth enough that it can be easily rotated and adjusted in the hand. Stainless steel ferrules are easy to clean and maintain, and pure bristle retains its shape, reduces splaying, and sheds less during the painting process.



You can view our Perfection Oval Paint Brush and our Prestige Oval Paint Brush online and watch our video on how to protect your flooring.


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