19th Aug 2021

An exterior painting project can sometimes appear daunting and even frustrating. However, there are a few innovative tips and tricks, when used with the right decorating tools, which will enable even the most challenging of tasks to be completed within an agreeable time frame. What are these suggestions and why are they so beneficial?
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All About the Preparation

It can be argued that more than 50 per cent of any exterior painting project involves the amount of preparation involved. This is especially the case in reference to worn or damaged areas. Thorough preparation guarantees that time will be saved in the long run. Besides scraping away loose paint and priming existing areas, there are a few other innovative habits to adopt. Some examples are:

  • Observe the area at different times of the day. Light and shadows may highlight other locations that need to be addressed.
  • After scraping any loose paint, let the area stand for 24 hours. This allows any moisture to depart.
  • Use high-quality primers and caulk that are specifically designed for exterior use.

For large areas of peeling paint, it is wise to use a power washer to save time. Once again, make certain that the affected location is completely dry before applying primer.

Choosing the Right Paint

There are a number categories of exterior paint and much more than the final finish alone should be considered. Locations that receive a great deal of sun should be coated with a mixture that is not prone to ultraviolet damage. Otherwise, the colours will fade over time and the paint may even fail to adhere correctly. Masonry finishes and direct-to-metal varieties should likewise be selected when required.

The Correct Brushes

The completion of an exterior project naturally depends upon the types of brushes used. It is a good idea to purchase a brush with thick fibres, as they will hold more paint and require less dipping. Plastic handles are preferred over wood, for exterior projects are prone to high levels of moisture and over time, the wood may crack or warp. Consider the Hamilton plastic handle brush range

These are some unique exterior painting tips that many professionals employ on a daily basis. Planning ahead, correctly preparing the location and using the most appropriate tools are all essential factors to consider well in advance.

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