19th Aug 2021

Cutting in the borders of a room, painting trim and straightening the line between the wall and the ceiling can all be very exacting tasks…
Cutting In Brush

This is the primary reason why there are brushes specifically designed to provide accuracy and efficient coverage. One example of this precise nature can be seen in the new Performance cutting-in brush offered by Hamilton. What are some of the benefits of this instrument and how can its unique features accommodate even the most demanding of jobs?

Angled Head

The angle of this brush enables the painter to more accurately see their cut line as he or she progresses. It is also able to distribute paint more evenly; a difficult task when using a brush with a straight edge. This angle is ideally suited for reaching tight spaces such as may be necessary when detailing trim or coating corners.


The brush features a medium series head. This enables more paint to be held at any given time while less dips into a cut bucket equate to higher levels of precision and quicker job completion.

Comfortable Handle

The ergonomically designed handle offers superior levels of comfort. This is important for lengthy tasks while its quality wood construction boasts better gripping power. Such a short handle is also perfectly paired to accommodate the bristles which are 50 millimetres wide.

Synthetic Bristles

It should be noted that this brush is only made to be used with water-based paints (due to its synthetic fibres). However, this feature enables the tool to hold a considerable amount of material.

After each use, use a brush comb to remove excess paint from the base of the head before rinsing. Use a combination of warm water and soap to thoroughly rinse any colour remaining. Leave to dry and place back in the protective keeper to retain the shape.

The Hamilton Performance cutting-in brush is ideally suited for both novices and professionals alike. Thanks to a modern design and its unique sash feature, precision and control are no longer concerns.

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