19th Aug 2021

Professional decorators sometimes find that the jobs they’ve been contracted to include work on outdoor areas as well as indoors. With this in mind, it’s worth ensuring that you have a quality set of Hamilton tools for the garden on hand.

Hamilton offers a range of high quality decorating tools that are designed to give the best possible results and these include:

Performance Wire Scratch Brush 

This is one of the Hamilton tools for the garden that no professional should be without. A good wire brush is essential for many of the most common outdoor tasks and should really be a part of any painter’s everyday kit. This premium quality scratch brush has four rows of stiff wire bristles that have been machine punched into a solid wood handle for extra durability. Our tough brush is ideal for whisking away residue paint on corrugated metal, brickwork, or woodwork and it will remove rust or mould in an instant. It allows you to prepare outdoor surfaces quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Perfection Extra-Long Pile Roller

Outdoor masonry often means deeps cracks and grooves, uneven surfaces and other imperfections. Choose the Perfection Extra-Long Pile roller and these little problems will fade into insignificance. This high quality roller is made from a unique twisted fibre fabric, which is hard wearing and offers exceptional paint pick up. The longer, twisted pile reached deep into cracks and crevices and gives the superior coverage and even finish that you want. You’ll find it a joy to handle too as this clever roller has an inbuilt bearing system that prevents skidding. Choose from three sizes, 4, 9, or 12 inches, depending on the size of the job. It’s easy to clean too and the thermobonded fabric won’t detach from the core when exposed to either water or solvents.

Performance Masonry Brush

Walls, gazebos, stone benches, terraces and containers, there are lots of places where Hamilton tools for the garden come in handy. Take the Performance Masonry Brush, an excellent piece of kit that no professional can afford to be without. The tough, durable bristles are made from a mix of natural bristle and polyester that has been specially designed for use on exterior walls and surfaces. Plus, the stainless steel ferrule is resistant to rust so it can be used in all kinds of weather. Masonry paints can be applied quickly and smoothly with this professional brush so next time you get called to an outdoor site, remember – Hamilton – tools for the garden.

Prestige Wall & Masonry Adjustable Head Brush

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