19th Aug 2021

Taking care of your paintbrushes is so important in order to maintain their quality and effectiveness. Here are some hints on tips on how best to care for your paintbrushes.

Using your brushes 

If you’ve been busy painting and decorating and need to use your paintbrushes the following day, then you’ll need to store them correctly overnight. Did you know that you don’t need to spend time cleaning them under a tap? All you need to do is wrap some cling film or an airtight plastic bag around the head of the brush and they’ll be soft and fresh to use the next day. Of course, when you have finished painting, you should clean your brushes in the right way. To do this, you should try to get the majority of the paint off before soaking your brushes in warm water (depending on the type of paint used). You can do this using the side of the paint can or onto a newspaper before rinsing.

Cleaning your paint brushes 

The next step is to rinse the head of the brush in a pail of warm, soapy water. With your hands or a brush comb, you should gently work the paint away from the bristles. The bristles should then be rinsed a clean pail of water and repeated until the brushes are clean and free from any paint. Wrap the brushes in paper and store carefully.

Tips and tricks to clean your brushes 

If you find that your paintbrush is solid from old paint, then you can use vinegar to soften the bristles. Soak the brush in white vinegar for an hour and this should loosen the head of the brush. If you’ve been using an oil-based paint, you could try using liquid dish soap whilst swooshing the brush in a circular motion on your palm to get rid of the excess paint. Fabric softener is also a great way to clean your paintbrushes. By diluting fabric softener with water, the paint should essentially slip off the bristles, leaving you with beautifully soft and clean brushes, ready to be used again!

Investing in good quality paintbrushes is key to ensure they last and do a great job for you. Hamilton offer a range of paint brushes and products to suit your every need. They offer a variety of ranges such as the Expression collection, the Perfection collection and the Prestige collection. Affordable, durable and made with high-quality materials, Hamilton really do offer the best paint brushes for every need. It is key to maintain your Hamilton brushes for as long as possible and to keep them in the best possible condition to achieve the best finish. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure your Hamilton brushes remain in the best condition possible.

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