18th Aug 2021

All professional painters and decorators know that the quality and type of paint brush that you use can make a huge difference to the speed and finished results of your work. But, with so many different brushes to choose from, and more and cheap, low-quality brushes flooding the market it can sometimes be tempting to grab any old brush to get the job done.
However, as anyone who has experienced the problems that cheap low-quality brushes can cause will tell you, in the case of paint brushes cheaper most definitely does not equal better.

Here we will take a look at some of the problems that low-quality brushes can cause, and some of the best products on the market to help you avoid those problems.

Loose Bristles

Loose bristles getting stuck in wet paint and ruining the finish can be a real annoyance and take valuable time picking out and reapplying paint for a smooth finish. Avoid this by opting for a high-quality professional painting brush that will not shed into your paint such as the Hamilton Expression range of brushes which have been stringent quality tested and carry a lifetime guarantee.

Too Stiff or Too Limp Bristles

Cheap paint brushes with stiff bristles are one of the top causes of visible brush strokes and streaking, this can lead to wasting time when painting and decorating by having to apply further coats of paint to rectify the problem. While a brush with overly stiff bristles can create streaks, limp bristles can cause drips and splatters around the work area. For ‘just right’ bristles and finish, use a high-quality brush such as a brush from the Hamilton Performance range which has a superior pick up and spreading rate for a great looking finish.

Aches and Pains

Spending a day painting and decorating with a badly designed brush can be painful. The aches and pains caused by cheap paint brushes can seriously slow down your work or even lead to more serious problems over time. To avoid this, a professional painter needs brushes that have been ergonomically designed to help you perform the job at hand with the lowest possible risk of sprains, strains or injury. Choose a brush with an ergonomically designed handle to help you work all day in comfort.

Frequent Brush Replacement

Cheap brushes often have a short lifespan, and as they age the quality of your work can be affected by splaying bristles, wobbly handles and all sorts of other problems. Instead, invest in a quality professional painting brush that will ‘break in’ and get even better with age such as those from the Hamilton Perfection range.

As you can see, although cheap brushes may initially seem to be a smart, money-saving option, they can actually be a false economy. Investing in high-quality brushes will help you to work more quickly and to a higher standard, so when choosing new brushes save yourself from extra work down the line by insisting on the best.

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