19th Aug 2021

Have you ever wondered why your paint job does not look its best? Or why those ceramic tiles do not seem to be laid just right? The problem here may well be that the tools you used were not of a high enough quality. That is why it is definitely worthwhile exploring the world of professional decorating tools.

Getting the right tools for the job will enable you to ensure that all of your DIY and decorating projects are completed to the highest standard. Below are just a few examples of how professional decorating tools can help you to achieve the best possible results. 

Perfection putty knives and scrapers

When laying tiles or setting frames into putty it is so important to make sure that you get a uniform effect with the putty. It is such a shame when carefully chosen ceramic bathroom wall tiles are spoiled by messy putty. A professional set of knives and scrapers will help you to create a professional look with your floors and walls.

Perfect paint jobs

Using professional quality brushes and rollers will keep your wall and ceiling paint looking absolutely gorgeous for many years to come. Want a perfect, smooth finish when rolling? Try a short or medium pile professional roller. Opt for a long pile for a thicker application of paint and faster coverage (without the splatter). Our professional rollers utilise superior fabrics that actually improve with every wash, making them a worthwhile investment. Professionals also use midi rollers to get great paint coverage in all of those hard to reach places so this is definitely something to try out as well

In addition, choosing your paint brushes carefully is a crucial step towards ensuring that paint looks excellent when you apply it. There are various brush materials available: A pure bristle brush will offer best results in traditional solvent paints while a pure synthetic brush is perfect for modern water and hybrid paints. Professionals also make use of the different head shapes available to them. For example, rounded sash brushes are used for detail work and even coverage on thin pipes and spindles, while angled brushes offer precision and control when cutting in.

Poles and buckets

You won’t see a professional painter wobbling on a stool as they try to apply paint to the top of a wall, or splashing paint everywhere straight from the small tin. That is because there are plenty of professional tools out there to help keep the workplace clean, neat and safe. These include extension poles for painting and decorating those hard to reach areas and large paint buckets and kettles to keep paints nicely contained and easy to access. In short, professional decorators really know how to accessorise!

Try professional tools and make your home into a palace

Professional decorating tools do not just make DIY and decorating easier. They also vastly improve the end results. As such, they can definitely be worth the investment.

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