19th Aug 2021

Now that the warmer months are upon us, the number of exterior projects will naturally increase at a breakneck pace. Let us take a closer look at exterior painting tips and tricks from the professionals at Hamilton.
masonry paint brushes

Which Paints to Use

Interior paints should never be used when tackling an outdoor job. In terms of priming any surface, oil-based mixtures need to be utilised. These will soak into the pores of wood or masonry; important for the top coat. The exact formulation of the final coat will depend upon the task and whether oil or latex finishes are used, these should be designed for outdoor use.


Before any project, it is important to cover sensitive areas from the spray produced by brushes and rollers. These include plants, windows, decking, statues and any object which could be damaged by the job itself.

Drop cloths should be placed below the areas being painted or prepared. These cloths can be moved as necessary and any debris (such as paint flakes or old caulking) can be bundled and taken away.

Tools of the Trade

We are all aware that exterior painting requires different tools when compared to interior work. Hamilton has taken this into consideration when designing equipment specifically for use on masonry and other outside surfaces.

Our Perfection Extra-Long Pile roller is an example of such innovation. Boasting thicker fabric that can hold more paint and reach deep cracks, this roller is available in lengths of 4, 9 and 12 inches. It is extremely easy to clean and as the fibres are firmly bonded to the core, they will remain attached when exposed to both water and solvents.

Our Prestige Wall & Masonry Swivel Head Brush is able to swivel up to 90 degrees; ideal for hard-to-reach areas or when attached to an extension pole. Its bristles are very thick and able to hold a great deal of paint with each dip while a manual locking mechanism ensures that the angle of the brush will not change during use.

The Performance Masonry Brush is another great product made for the job. It is made using hard wearing bristles and a polyester blend which promises to handle rougher textured surfaces for your exterior jobs. Available as a 4” brush, it delivers on coverage, finish and value.


Once the job is complete, both of these tools should be immediately cleaned to prevent any paint from drying within their fibres. Please keep in mind that while the swivel-head brush can be used with both latex and oil paints, the roller head is meant to be used with water-based finishes alone.

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