18th Aug 2021

Refreshing the look of skirting boards; it is a simple enough task if you know exactly how to go about it. Here are some tips to guide you!


Painting your skirting board, like all tasks done well, will take some preparation. Here is what to do:

    • Sand and Clean – Begin by sanding and cleaning your skirting board. Sanding helps remove any imperfections and leaves the board smooth which will, of course, contribute to the final look and finish. It also makes it easier for the paint to adhere to the surface, thus preventing wastage.


After sanding you will definitely need to clean up as there will be dust all over! Use a vacuum to suck out all the dust and pay particular attention to the crevices between the skirting board and the floor as dust tends to accumulate here. After vacuuming use a soft sponge and clean water to wipe the surface clean. After that leave it to dry as moisture will ruin the paint job.

    • Prepare the Surrounding Area – You don’t want to get paint all over the surrounding floor or carpet. This is avoidable using plastic sheets. Cover the surrounding floor or carpet with plastic sheets and ensure there are no open spaces – use masking tape if need be to make things secure and so they don’t move with any breeze or scuffing. If you have a delicate carpet you may want to look for special carpet covers at your local store.
    • Apply Primer – The final step is priming the skirting board. Primer helps to make the surface smoother and improves its adhesiveness to the paint being applied. It also helps mask any old spots or streaks. All you need is a primer and a clean brush. Make sure that you cover the entire surface.

Down to Painting

Now that the skirting board is all prepped it is safe to begin painting. It is recommended to use small amounts of paint to prevent dripping (and wastage). Paint from right to left if you are right-handed as it is less tiring this way; the opposite is true for left-handed people. If you are applying white paint you may need to use two layers of paint especially if the former paint had a dark shade. Be sure to check for drips after painting and smoothen them out for a smooth, even surface. After all is done, leave the skirting board to dry and take off the plastic sheets from the surrounding floor/carpet.

Strive for Perfection

Perfection will partly depend on the tools you use for the job. You will need good-quality paint and an equally good brush. Look no further than Hamilton Decorating Tools.

The Perfection brush is perfect for use with water-based paints. Its filaments are soft for an even layer of paint, and it is also angled to ensure you get greater reach. Both of these brushes are easy to clean, durable, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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