19th Aug 2021

For some, painting a door frame can be a rather challenging task to get that true professional finish. However, this job can actually be very quick and easy once you know how. Watch our video to give you more information on how to achieve the perfect effect when it comes to your door frame.
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The key to completing this job successfully is being prepared in advance and making sure that you have everything that you need close to hand so that you don’t have to search for your brushes and other items when you have already started the job.

After you have rubbed the door frame down and are ready to paint it, you need to select the brush that you are going to use to paint the door frame with – in fact, you are going to need to use at least two!

A narrow brush is best for painting the narrow parts of the door frame. As a general rule, the width of the brush should be no wider than the surface you are painting. This is to make sure that you get the best finish possible.

When most people paint, they make the mistake of loading the brush with paint then starting at the top of the door frame and working their way downwards. That is not the best way to do it. What you should actually do is load the brush with paint and then start in the middle. Then work the paint up from the middle and then down. This will mean that you are working the paint less and you are also working less yourself and you will get a better finish.

However, when you try to tackle the narrow, shaped areas of the door frame, you will find that your brush will start to splay and it will not cover the area well. To avoid this problem, you should use a round brush. This rounded brush will hug the profile of the rounded part of the door frame and paint it on the first attempt. This will complete the job much more quickly and provide you with a better finish.

Painting the corners of the door frame can pose another challenge. Many people may try to load the brush with paint and then find that they have far too much paint on their brush when they reach the corner of the door frame. This will cause drips or streaks of paint that will ruin the smooth finish of the paint job. The best thing to do is to start away from the corner of the door frame and work the paint into the corner and then brush it back out again. This will make sure that you don’t get excess paint in the corners and it makes the task a lot easier.

Of course, having the best tools for the job including top of the range brushes and paint, is at least half the battle. Hamilton provide a full range of high quality brushes that are ideal for painting door frames and other decorating tasks. You can also find more handy decoration hints and tips within our Knowledge Room.


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