18th Aug 2021

If you are a professional painter or decorator, you will naturally have come across places that are hard to reach and paint, or to get as close as you’d like to. One way of making things easier and also more efficient is to consider changing or upgrading the tools you use. Investing in the right equipment will save you time and frustration when on a job and of course, give you the perfect finish.
painting awkward spots

Precision Scraper

A precision scraper is a must-have for any decorator or painter when prepping their work. Not only does it of course create a clean surface, but it will help you attain the desired finish that has been proving difficult in certain areas. It can perform detailed and intricate scraping work on bannisters, tight corners, dado rails and windows and when used properly, can save time on prep work. The Tungsten carbide blade will stay productive and sharp one hundred times longer than other blades. It comes with a blade holder and a belt clip holster, you can access it easily, and it is also easy to store. The precision scrapers have replacement blades if they get blunt or break, the replacements are available in triangular or pear shapes for different jobs. View the PrecisionScraper.

Extension Pole for Rollers

Normal-sized rollers may not be able to reach certain places and of course, our arms can only go so far! The extension pole is the way to go if you want to enhance the rollers’ performance when painting and have less ladder work to worry about. Extension poles come with push-fit ends that suit various roller frame handles, so they are ideal for taper-fit and screw-fit frames. They are perfect for painting high ceilings, stairwells etc; you will not be carrying a lot of equipment to reach the ceilings when painting; all you will need is an extension pole. They have an external locking collar that helps with secure locking. They are made with strong and light aluminium, so it does not add much weight to the roller and works well ergonomically. View our Performance Extension Pole.

Precision Brush

The precision brush is meant for a perfect finish, especially with many water-based paints that are used today. They have different types of filaments which are best for a smooth finish (MaxStroke). With the Tri-Tech technology, it is best for perfectly straight lines, corners and when you want details. It is ideal for reaching into awkward corners that the ordinary brushes might not reach. They have long wooden handles that provide comfort and a flexible grip; they also offer longer paint strokes with fewer dips and a plastic cover that will keep the brush moist for 72 hours and protect the filament tip when stored.

Prestige Pure Bristle Brush

Our pure bristle brushes have natural bristles and high specification, which delivers a durable and reliable paintbrush. They are ideal for cutting in around windows and frames and has a high paint pick up and spreading rate. The pure bristle brush has wooden handles that are waxed to ensure a comfortable grip during painting. The bristle brush has a head shape that allows it to distribute the paint evenly by ‘hugging’ the profile surfaces and this makes life easier when you are dealing with an awkward spot – you get it right and covered the first time. View our Prestige Range.


High-quality tools are supposed to make work more comfortable and easier. With the constantly changing world, there will always be new and improved tools in the market. Decorating or painting has always been a technical task, but with the right tools, you will work faster and have the best results. Difficult places naturally need decoration, but with experience and the correct tools, there is no reason why they should slow you down or create issues. Prepare well and the results will follow.

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