18th Aug 2021

Choosing paint should not only be a purely aesthetic choice, but it should also be based on its properties. The quality of the paint varies according to the finish and its use. Discover in this article all the advice to avoid making a mistake when choosing a finish: matt, velvet, glossy or satin.

Before starting renovation work, identify the rooms to be renovated in order to choose the right type of paint. Colour should not be the only criterion. For a lasting solution, it is preferable to adopt the material according to the use of the room. Matte, velvet, satin or gloss finishes do not offer the same resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Choosing a matte paint

Matt is a very opaque finish that absorbs light. Its application is generally dedicated to the ceiling but also for a living room or an adult bedroom. With matt, you will obtain a sober, chic and warm look for a cosy atmosphere. If you find flaws and imperfections on the walls, this kind of paint that does not reflect light will be able to camouflage them without too much effort.

Matt is very easy to apply. However, it is a finish that is not very resistant to daily wear and tear (rubbing, fingerprints, etc.) and cannot be washed off. In conclusion, opt for this paint in adult rooms and avoid children’s rooms and the kitchen.

Choosing a satin paint

The satin finish is the most popular and versatile paint. Satin catches the light and gives a slightly glossy finish. Its dense resin composition makes it more resistant than matt paint. Satin paint is therefore ideal and recommended in living rooms or high traffic areas such as the hallway or corridor. It is easy to wash off but requires good preparation and a sure hand to avoid streaks.

Choosing a glossy paint

The glossy paint gives a mirror-like, lacquered effect. This paint is generally used to highlight woodwork, cupboard doors or it can also be applied on a section of wall for a great decorative effect. This paint is very resistant to stains and scratches and can be washed without any problem. On the other hand, for an optimal finish, the surface must be smooth and free of imperfections.

Choosing a velvety paint

This paint, halfway between matt and satin, has many advantages. Velvet catches the light very slightly and offers a silky, barely powdery finish. In other words, it is the ideal compromise between an easy-to-apply paint that hides flaws and a washable paint.

Which finish to choose for which room?

The choice of finish will, of course, depend on your taste, but you should not forget the convenience. The characteristics of each paint outlined above should be taken into consideration. For a “stress-free” paint, washable, and easy to maintain especially with children, opt for the satin or gloss finish.

Kitchens and bathrooms are rooms subject to splashes and humidity, so it is preferable to apply satin or gloss paint.

In passageways such as an entrance or hallway, prefer a velvety or satin finish, since these are washable substances.

Finally, on ceilings, in a living room or an adult’s bedroom, matte or velvet paint will ensure an impeccable finish.

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