Whether you are a sole trader or operate a small decorating business employing two or three staff, the number of ‘non-productive’ hours lost a month, if not tackled, can begin to eat into your bottom line.

For example, do you know how many productive working hours you potentially lose each month, collecting materials from your local decorating centre? How many times have you had to finish working on a project a couple of hours early, because you need to get to the decorating centre before they close for the day? How often has picking up additional materials or specialist brushes from your suppliers either taken hours out of your day or your own time? Does it have a knock-on effect with respects to completing a project?

To make a success of working for yourself in any trade, the forty-hour week has to go out the window. Extra hours are put in onsite, to get jobs completed and maximise profits. Costing new projects are undertaken in evenings and accounts bought up to date during weekends.

It’s okay saying you always factor a few extra hours into your pricing to cover such eventualities. However, why not factor in these hours, and make maximum use of your productive time?

Get more productive and efficient, with a little help…

Brewers Decorating Centres, have come up with a novel way to help you boost your onsite time, and minimise the visits you have to make in your own time. Now, you can phone Brewers, and order those extra sheets of sandpaper, small tins of gloss, tubs of emulsion or anything else needed to complete the job.

Once your order is received, Brewers will message you a unique code, which you use to unlock the digitally locked box. With these new lock boxes operational twenty-four hours a day, you can work onsite to the finish, and stop off on the way home to pick up your order. Check out Brewers 24 hour collection service. Maximise your working time, while giving yourself a little more you time.