Young decorators from across the country are to be given the chance to prove their worth in the 2015 round of ‘The Apprentice Paperhanger of the Year’ competition.

It is open to all UK apprentice decorators who want to show their maturing skills to a wider audience of apprentice peers and industry experts.

In the competition, which is held annually and sponsored by Brewers, each entrant trainee will be allocated a booth and a kit of decorating materials, and will then be judged on their wallpaper hanging efforts. Not only will this be a test of decorating skills but an examination of nerve, character, and professionalism as the pressure of both public performance and cash prizes puts the trainees under the microscope. A panel of industry experts will select the winners according to the quality of the skills shown, as well as attention to detail and performance under pressure.

Aspects of wallpaper hanging on which the applicants will be judged include the ability to accurately cut and match paper, the entrant's precision in correctly lining up border levels, and their ability to hang the paper correctly without blistering or creasing.

The 2015 competition is to be held on Tuesday, October the 6th at The Hub in Doncaster, and the winners will be announced the following month on November the 7th. The event is open to all UK-registered painting and decorating apprentices, and entrant expenses will be covered, including travel costs, accommodation, and an evening meal.