The Diamond range of paints by Dulux Trade (matt and eggshell), has received an ‘upgrade’ to make them more durable, with an even longer lasting finish – great news for homeowners and decorators alike.

Dulux Trade's new formulations are designed to offer a long lifespan and appealing surface. According to Karen Wilkinson, the brand's lead at the AkzoNobel research and development centre, the new formulations were achieved by listening to views from homeowners. Dulux Trade looked at the requirements of decorators and customers and created a product range that satisfied them. 

Improved Performance

With the upgraded Diamond paints, homeowners will enjoy 50 times more durability than with conventional trade emulsions. The new paints are made to put up with the daily wear and tear that they have to endure in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairwells. Dulux Trade makes the new formulations with protection against stains, scrubs and scuffs. The paints have water repellent technology that repels wet stains the same way leaves do, which make cleaning easy. The manufacturer added anti-fade technology to reduce the effects of pollutants and UV exposure, helping the paints retain their colour pigments for longer. Decorators can also expect an even and smooth finish with the new formulations. 

Extensive Testing

The upgraded Diamond products have been through rigorous testing to ensure that they provide trade professionals and property owners superior standard paints. AkzoNobel, the research and development in Slough, was responsible for the over 1,000 tests on the products. Expert chemists used a purpose-built laboratory before professional decorators did real-world testing at the Dulux Academy. Chemists tested the Diamond Eggshell and Diamond Matt to guarantee that they could withstand 10,000 scrub cycles. It means that the paints can be scrubbed for up to 6 hours continuously without losing their brilliance. The improved durability means that property owners don't have to redecorate every few years. Dulux Trade's upgraded paints minimise the risk of picture framing and flashing. 

Dulux Trade upgraded their Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell paint with new engineering to ensure that decorators enjoy maximum durability. Trade professionals are guaranteed high-quality products that promise good looking finishes and excellent performance. Dulux Trade considers the new Diamond products to be their most durable paints.