Crown Water Based Fastflow Gloss – The Lowdown

08th Jul 2015

After extensive testing by decorators, the new Fastflow (trade) water-based quick dry gloss by Crown gets the thumbs up…


A consensus of opinions from the professionals is that the new paint ticks all of the boxes from ease of use to the quality of finish. There are many reasons why this paint looks like becoming a big success and the review has revealed just how good Fastflow is.


Crown Paint has spent a great deal of time and money in getting this product right, before releasing it on the market. Because of this, anybody who uses the paint is 100 per cent sure that it is the best available for outdoor and indoor use. Fastflow water-based quick dry gloss looks likely to be an industry trendsetter in the future, for sustainability, substance and the speed of use and style.

An advanced style

There has been a significant development in the manufacture of paint, and Crown has been at the forefront. Advances mean that there have been improvements in opacity and coverage, and the time it takes to dry has been cut down. This enables two coats of the paint to be applied the same day. For a stunning high-gloss finish, the Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss is unbeatable, and what’s more, is also very durable and hard-wearing. Using just one product for inside and outside is convenient, and this combined with the quickness of application enables projects to be kept within timescale and budget. The paint can be bought in various tin sizes, so it is perfect for jobs no matter how big or small. The company’s award-winning sustainability approach has been very much at the forefront during the development process.

Water based paints are environmentally friendly. Legislation on environmental issues has dealt a severe blow to solvent paints. The new generation gloss paints are water based and therefore, ‘greener.’ Crown has recognised this in its development of the Fastflow range and has successfully developed a product that has little effect on the world’s fragile ecosystem.

How to use water based paint

There is no need for solvents to clean brushes after using water based paint. All that is required is to wash with soap and water.Paints that are water-based have many advantages over solvent-based paint. These include:

• Fast drying time

• Low odour

• Will clean off brush using just water

Some tips when using this type of paint include:

• Wetting and spinning a synthetic brush to make sure that the paint does not dry in the stock. For usage over half an hour, a brush comb should be used and pulled through the filaments.

• It is recommended to roll on also to lay off. For this, we’d recommend a medium pile midi/mini roller –  before laying off with a Prestige laying off brush.

• The preparation of the surface is paramount when using water based paint. The removal of existing paint is critical before a new coat is applied.

• Synthetic brushes are best suited to use with water based paint

• Focusing on one area and moving the brush in one direction will give the best finish. The importance of leaving water based paint with enough time to dry will ensure a perfect finish.

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