How To Clean-Up Paint Spillages – Paint Clean-Up Compund

08th Sep 2020

Whether it’s an exterior or an interior job, as professional decorators, it is important to keep the workspace as clean and organised as possible. Nonetheless, despite the entire workforce being cautious and careful while working, now and then an open paint can spill…

The first instinct is to grab whatever is at hand on the job site to deal with the spillage as soon as possible, like the 5-second rule, the quicker you act the better it is! However, instead of wasting your drop cloths and newspaper on a large paint spill, wouldn’t it be great if you had a product on hand that’s designed specifically to clean up large quantities of spilt paint quickly and efficiently?

This is exactly what spilt paint recovery is designed to do. This compound is a bulk powder that soaks up paint quickly, absorbing it up so you’re left with a matter that’s easy to sweep up for easy disposal. You can think of it as being a kitty litter for the paint of sorts, and it works with all types of common paints: water-based, oil-based, and latex.

With this spilt paint recovery product you don’t even have to worry about inadvertently damaging your client’s property; no more wiping up the paint with cloths and paper only have it smeared around, and then having to go over it with large amounts of noxious paint thinner. Doing it this way can damage hardwood and other surfaces, which can make for one angry homeowner.

Word travels fast, and you don’t want to sully your hard-earned reputation as a professional painter and decorator. With this product, you’re far better prepared to deal with those unwanted but sometimes unavoidable large paint spills.

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