New Airlite Paint – First Application For The UK

08th Jun 2019

With so much focus on health and the environment, it’s important for the painting and decorating industry to play its role.

With Airlite’s innovative new paint products, which are free from solvents and other harmful chemicals, it’s not just professional painters and decorators who’ll be breathing easier.

The benefits of these products extend more widely – like a one-stop shop, addressing various practical, health and environmental issues, making it unlike any other product on the market.

That’s why new Airlite paint was chosen for the refurbishment of the up-market Cellar Club in Leamington, the first commercial application of it in the UK.

Through its patented and rigorously-tested technologies, Airlite can:

• Reduce odours
• Resist bacteria and mould
• Reduce air pollution
• Improve energy efficiency
• Prevent accumulation of dust and airborne dirt

Reduce odours

Not only is Airlite odourless, making it pleasant to work with, it also actively breaks down odours in the environment. Think of it as a natural, chemical-free deodoriser.

Resist bacteria and mould

Airlite creates an environment in which 99.9% of harmful bacteria can’t survive. Mould too, isn’t just unsightly and damaging, it’s also a major health risk. Airlite inhibits the formation of mould and prevents re-growth.

These properties are important developments in keeping homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces healthy and safe.

Reduce air pollution

Behaving like an air purifier, Airlite reacts with light, converting harmful air pollutants to a harmless state that washes away with rain or natural humidity.

Tested in a heavily polluted outdoor environment, a busy road tunnel, it achieved a 50% reduction in air pollution. Laboratory tests showed an impressive 88% reduction indoors.

Improve energy efficiency

By absorbing less heat from the atmosphere, Airlite keeps buildings cooler, even in hot conditions, reducing cooling costs by up to 29%.

Less cooling reduces harmful emissions from air conditioning systems, contributing further to a cleaner environment.

Prevent accumulation of dust and airborne dirt

By dissolving oily surface deposits and creating a protective barrier, Airlite prevents particles of airborne dust and dirt from attaching to walls, making it a practical solution for any application.

These impressive benefits make Airlite a significant advancement in paint technology.

Coupled with industry-standard features, namely, internal and external versions, an extensive range of colours, easy application, quick-drying properties, durability and performance, Airlite is a versatile, all-around, compelling option for painting and decorating professionals and their health and environmentally-conscious customers alike.

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