New Paint For Old From Farrow & Ball

29th Jul 2016

The market for nostalgia and vintage products is huge and no matter what industry you operate in, there is a very good chance that many of your products will have a vintage or retro feel to them.

Usually it is the company offering customers the chance to indulge in a touch of nostalgia but in July of 2016, a paint and wallpaper specialist is asking customers and clients for assistance in finding vintage and heritage paint tins.

2016 sees Farrow & Ball celebrating their 70th anniversary and the company is looking to celebrate in style. As part of the festivities, the firm is looking to set up a special display in their head office which is located close to Wimborne. It is not as if they’ll struggle to give their building a new lick of paint or will be lacking in ideas on how to freshen up the place but as this is a special anniversary, they are keen to look back on their history.

Nostalgia is a big market in the home improvement sector

This means that they are on the hunt for any of their heritage paint tins which were produced between the company’s early days and the 1970s. Nowadays, anything which appears to hold value is retained, locked away in good condition to ensure its worth increases but in previous decades, this was far from the case. The paint tins of the firm would have been in use and then disposed of, but you never know, there may be some old tins lurking in lofts, garden sheds or storage units that could be worth something.

Farrow & Ball aren’t promising big sums of money to anyone who can provide them with their old paint tins but there is a chance to gain a completely new 5L tin of Farrow & Ball paint. With complete freedom over the colour and finish of the paint, it could be a sweet deal for anyone who finds a stash of traditional paint tins, particularly any trade company that manages to unearth some classic receptacles. Any firm that has an old storage area or has access to a long-forgotten stock room may find that they are in line for an upgrade with respect to their quality of stock!

The paint firm has expanded considerably in 70 years

Given the history of the company, it is likely that people and firms in the Dorset area have a better chance of finding the vintage paint tins. This was where the company set up their first home, and it is still where the brand is based today. The paint firm may have expanded to such an extent that they are represented in 67 markets and have 55 showrooms around the world but in their early days, their biggest impact was in Dorset and surrounding areas.

Even if you don’t have access to any of these paint tins, this sort of request will inevitably lead to many people looking through their DIY equipment to see if they have any forgotten classics lurking away. You’d be surprised at how many products and items manage to survive culls, moves and clear-outs.

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