Leading professional decorating tools brand, Hamilton, has launched a selection of sash (also known as round) brushes as part of its new Prestige range, which targets professional painters and decorators and builders.  The launch is in response to the growing popularity of the round headed or sash brush for cutting in and profile work such as spindles, pipes, frames and the tops of skirting boards. Sash brushes ensure an even coat for a perfect finish as opposed to a variable thickness of paint film which a standard brush tends to deliver in these circumstances.


The new Hamilton Prestige sash brushes, which are available with bristle or the company’s new technology synthetic filaments have the particular benefit of matching the filament formula of the standard brushes in the Prestige range.  This ensures a finish consistent with other areas of a project where conventional brushes have been used, enabling a quicker, easier and better result overall.  Preparation for the launch has included extensive dialogue with professionals and a significant investment in research and product development to ensure maximum benefits in use.


Prestige bristle brushes have high bristle content for great paint pick-up, spreading rates and a quality finish in solvent based paints.  Prestige synthetic brushes combine a quality finish with a great user experience in water-based paints.  All Prestige brushes have waxed beavertail handles, rounded for extra comfort and therefore suitable for longer usage time.  This is especially useful with sash brushes where the most effective usage technique is to spin the brush during the paint stroke to deliver longer strokes and better loading when edging.


Hamilton Prestige sash brushes are available in 15mm, 18mm and 21mm and also in packs of three.  All are suitable for storing in vapour boxes.