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Perfection in a roller!

18th May 2021

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Lay off the gloss!

09th Mar 2021

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Always top quality results from prestige

01st Nov 2020

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How to clean-up paint spillages – paint clean-up compund

08th Sep 2020

Whether it's an exterior or an interior job, as professional decorators, it is important to…

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Why ‘the feel’ of a brush is so important

15th Aug 2020

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Covid-19 company statement

04th Apr 2020

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The importance of ladder safety

08th Mar 2020

Worldwide, ladder accidents still account for a significant number of fatal falls from height because…

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Our cutting-in brush stills ‘cuts it’ every time!

01st Mar 2020

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The evolution of paints and coatings with technology

13th Jan 2020

The painting industry, like any other, has evolved exponentially over the years. From products, to…

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