One of the most important pieces of equipment in a painter and decorator’s collection, is often the one most neglected. Unfortunately, all too often this neglect can potentially cost injury or worse:

Ladders - used almost as often as a painter’s brush.

Yet while old and worn tools are replaced at the first sign of a loose bristle; ladders are still in service long after they should be - with potential issues ignored. However help is around the corner this autumn.

In September this year the Ladder Exchange will again be offering tradesmen and public alike the chance to part-exchange ladders long past their use-by date, and purchase new replacements at substantial discounts. 

Run by the Ladder Association, (from September to the end of December) old and potentually dangerous ladders are taken in for cash and the new ones offered at discounted prices. What was to be a one off in 2012, proved to be so popular the Ladder Association now runs it as an annual event.

The Association’s chairman, Cameron Clow (in 2014): "This is our third year running the Ladder Exchange, which has been an excellent means of getting out the ladder safety message, while helping people in a practical way. Thousands of ladders were traded in last year, saving a lot of people and businesses money and, more importantly, hopefully, lives as well."

With poorly maintained or improperly used ladders being one of the most common causes of site accidents, the Ladder Association also runs a UK-wide ladder competence training scheme. This year’s Ladder Exchange will also include expert tips on maintaining ladders, and how to safely use them in the home and workplace. For those handy with a camera phone, they also run an ‘Idiots on Ladders’ photographic competition.

Next time you’re strapping the ladders onto the van, give them the once over, and think of the 2015 Ladder Exchange, you could save yourself a pocket-full of cash. 

You can visit the ladder exchange website to see details for 2015 the moment they are published. You can also view our full range of decorating tools online - make sure all your equipment is up to date!