An innovative firm, Brittpac, have, after extensive trials, introduced the latest design concept into their paint pots. The radical design features PET paint cans utilising transparent materials that are far more effective than the traditional metal paint cans, which can come with a number of their own design and storage flaws. 

The new technology rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terphthalate. This material is robust, durable and recyclable, and comes after huge investment in research in the wallcoverings, paint and wood care sectors - leading to major improvements.

Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Not only is the new design more environmentally friendly, but it means that vast quantities of paint will not be wasted, as paint left in metal cans is often no longer fit for purpose after storage. This leads to wastage and customers feeling frustrated that they are obliged to buy more new paint and face the same storage issues. With the new containers this problem is alleviated, and as they are made from recycled materials this also has a positive ecological impact. 

Benefits of PET Paint Cans

There are huge benefits to the new design paint cans not least the reduction in waste paint and the better storage conditions:

  • Clear container: enables customers to see how much is left and to undertake paint mixing so that shades can be mixed to perfection
  • Unique inner locking ring: instead of trying to force the metal lid back on a pot of paint, the new design has an efficient inner locking ring that has been patented and is double seal
  • Lightweight: the new PET materials are much more lightweight and can be transported and stored more easily
  • Durable: the PET can is strong enough to contain both solvent and water based paints
  • New sizes: currently the design is 2.5 litre in size but measures are underway to include 5, 1 and 0.75 litres in the near future
  • Drop resistant: the paint cans have also been subjected to a comprehensive drop test which has shown that it is the safest paint container on the market 

The Future of Painting & Decorating

The new PET cans will add a leap forward to the new trends in the painting and decorating industry, and Brittpac will no doubt be leading the way in transforming how paint is stored and used with this revolutionary new technique.