Predicted Colour Trends For 2019

01st Dec 2018

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For 2019, with regards to colour trends, many of the themes are a continuation of previous years with natural and wholesome shades that revive the spirit and create a sense of place and identity. For those devising decorating plans for the next season and for painting and decorating professionals, the new palettes offer a mix of old and new.

Dulux; Dulux have unveiled some of their key tones for the following year for professional decorating using relaxing hues and traditional looks mixed with more contemporary shades.

  1. Repair: this trend will appeal to those who love the natural look of vintage and modern, and include the warmth of Cinnamon Sand in conjunction with complementary shades such as New Neutral and Beggar for darker woody undertones. Other shades include the cool grey of Ohai Half mixed with Auburn Flair and Plasticine, and a number of other harmonious tones are used to bring out the best in living areas and bedrooms.
  2. Wholeself: this palette is suitable for creating a very calming, relaxed atmosphere and includes subdued hues such as New Life – a subtle pale green, to Shetland Lace – a delicate pink shade, and also incorporates mauve and silver tones with accent shades interspersed.
  3. Identity: this scheme is devised for the individualistic look and for creative non-conformists. Colours are brighter and bolder from Sunbird Orange to Mitchell Blue, and the complementary tones enable some iconic looks for those who want their rooms to stand out and look striking.
  4. Legacy: this Dulux theme is intended for those who want a more elegant, traditional and timeless look for their walls. Shelving is used to accentuate some of the shades such as Trustee blue, and other stunning options include Hothouse Orchid, Purple Verbena and Porcelain Crab.

The full range included in the four themes can be found here.

Pantone’s Yearly Forecast

Other predicted colour trends for 2019 are forecast as hazelnut paint shades which help to project a sense of space and lighten up rooms. Lilac is again also envisaged as a classic paint choice bringing a little warmth into previously stark, neutral choices.

Lilac and grey tones provide a warming, gentle look and suit a multitude of rooms in the house. Dark green continues the  botanical theme of some previous years and consolidates the nature theme that is still very popular as an interior decorating choice. Pastels also remain popular in chalky, soothing shades that can be applied in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Mist, mushroom and pewter are choices that blend effectively, and blue shades remain a staple for many decorating schemes as does the more striking hue of mustard. There are many examples of how these schemes can be applied to different rooms in the house, click here to view.

Spicing up 2019

Therefore, for professional decorating specialists and those everywhere involved in interior painting and decorating, some of the themes follow on from previous years and trends are honed even further, using a new selection of beautiful, complementary paint shades.

Make sure you are aware of these colour trends as some of your clients may be asking for these shades in the coming seasons!

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