During the past decade, we have seen countless advancements in terms of the painting industry.

2016 proves to be no different and thanks to modern technology, professional firms can enjoy even more efficiency alongside time-saving materials designed to provide durability combined with an ease of application. What are three top innovations which are expected to have a lasting impact within the professional marketplace?

Washable Emulsion Coatings

One of the main issues that countless professional painting firms have had was that any emulsion coatings (eggshell, flat or even semi-gloss) could not be washed without removing the paint itself. The chemical breakdowns which occurred would make even minor scuffs a nightmare. In terms of a gloss finish, this could be particularly frustrating. Should a worker bump into a wall, the entire surface may have to be refinished. Thanks to washable varieties, this problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Better Coverage

In truth, this has been a problem for years. As any contractor knows, the standard progression of a project would be comprised of a base coat in flat and two top coats of the relevant finish. This would cost substantially more in regards to materials and it goes without saying that labour was dramatically increased. Special formulations now enable what many are already terming one-coat finishes to become realities. Naturally, many contractors are wary about such claims until they see the effect for themselves. The fact still stands that these ultra-advanced alternatives are likely to make painting surfaces such as wood, concrete and metal a breeze. 

Enhanced Neutrals

Although hues such as off-white, beige and bone will always be present, contractors can expect to enjoy further options thanks to the addition of tones including (but not limited to) alabaster, pale gold or even more striking bases such as bronze. In fact, metallic shades are likely to be popular throughout 2016.

Thanks to innovative technology alongside more user-friendly supplies, 2016 is certainly shaping up to be a landmark year for the painting contractor. One has to wonder what other benefits the coming months have in store.