Why Sheepskin Rollers Are Still Valuable Painting Tools

08th Sep 2019

For painters and decorators, the tools of the trade are very crucial. The success of a particular job will depend on the tools that a tradesperson uses. Hamilton Decorating Tools offer a wide range of high quality rollers, and among them are the Perfection Sheepskin rollers.

With so many synthetic rollers on the market, sheepskin rollers may not be as popular with some painters and decorators as before. However, the question of why sheepskin rollers are still quality tools for painters still lingers.

High Capacity Rollers

Sheepskin rollers are high capacity tools. It means that they hold large amounts of paint without splattering. This problem is one that most decorators and painters have to deal with when working. Too much paint on rollers will cause splattering; and therefore, interfere with the paintwork. The covers on sheepskin rollers are long enough to hold a lot of paint and dense enough to avoid splattering.

With more paint pick-up capabilities, a decorator or painter can cover a larger surface. The more a painter can pick up, the less time he or she will spend on a project. It is one of the merits that come with Hamilton’s perfection sheepskin rollers. Sheepskin rollers are perfect for textured surfaces. Texturing is a decorative trend that many homeowners prefer. It adds depth to surfaces, making them livelier than plain walls. Painters can use different texturing techniques to come up with specific looks.

Texturing Techniques

Sheepskin rollers play huge roles in texturing techniques. The longer the pile in these types of rollers allow painters to create medium to rough texturing on wall surfaces. The size of the roller determines how the texture turns out.

Painters can coat better with the use of sheepskin rollers. These rollers are also ideal for high solid coatings. The long and dense pile of a sheepskin roller give it the ability to hold low VOC coatings.

A sheepskin roller makes it possible to spread paint evenly, which is essential. When painting any part of a building, an even distribution of paint will save time and product. It also maintains consistency on the surface. A painter will have an easier time completing a project when he or she has the correct tools to carry out the tasks involved.

Reusing Rollers

It is easier to clean a sheepskin roller. One issue that painters and decorators encounter frequently is that of buying new tools after a short while. A painter using a sheepskin roller can make the most out of it by cleaning it after painting. Painters can use their rollers for other projects without worrying about uneven paintwork. It is due to the ability of the rollers to regain their original shapes after cleaning. That resilience is what painters still appreciate in the rollers.

Using the right roller for a painting project is as crucial as anything else. A painter or decorator must know about the colour to use to give specific results. Hamilton offers two size choices of sheepskin rollers; the 9” and 12”. Even as painting tools go modern, their traditional alternatives still have an allure.

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