Performance 4″ Mini Gloss Roller Set – 7 Piece

SKU: 34242-001

Contains: 5 x 4″ Foam Sleeves & Short Arm Frame

Performance 4″ Mini Gloss Roller Set – 7 Piece

SKU: 34242-001

Contains: 5 x 4″ Foam Sleeves & Short Arm Frame

  • High density foam for a smooth finish
  • For quick and even coverage
  • Perfect for glossing jobs

After use with water-based paints, remove excess and rinse well with clean water and stand on end to dry. Results will depend on the paint used.

Our 7 Piece Performance 4″ Foam Roller set contains high density foam roller mini sleeves designed for a smooth finish on smooth surfaces, with the added benefit of no fibre loss. Perfect for all glossing jobs, such as skirtings, radiators and doors.

  • No fibre loss
  • Bearing system prevents skidding
  • Short arm frame for awkward areas
  • Ridged tray made from 100% recycled material

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For the Trade 4" Foam Roller Set with Tray - 7 Piece

7 Piece 4″ Foam Roller set with high density foam roller sleeves for a smooth finish on smooth surfaces, with the added benefit of no fibre loss. Perfect for all glossing or trim jobs, such as skirtings, radiators and doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed our brand ranges based around the needs of the user.  We recognise that Hamilton is a much-loved brand that all skill levels love to use.

In light of this, Perfection has been developed as our ‘top tier’ offering giving more specific choice and quality for the discerning professional painter and decorator – we know that tools are life and they need to be high quality and last in the long term.

Our Prestige range has been developed to bring more breadth of choice – here you will find every tool you need for a really professional job.  This is why our Prestige range holds the vast majority of our tools.

Our Performance range is designed for quick selection, speed of use and a decent job – great for multi-skilled trades and for keeping the toolkit stocked. Our new For the Trade range has been developed specifically for the multi-skilled tradesperson – for whom perhaps, painting and decorating is not a full-time focus.  Easy speak, no messing, simple choices combined with high quality materials, comfort in use and the advantage of Hamilton expertise.

We have stockists nationwide. You can enter your details on our ‘Find your Stockist’ page here for quick results. If you’re still struggling to find what you need local to you, please email 

We refer to surfaces like this to make the selection of the most suitable roller sleeve easier.  Below are some examples to help you decide: 

Smooth surfaces include those recently plastered (an dry) plasterboard or lining paper. Use a short pile sleeve for these surfaces. 

Semi-smooth surfaces can be woodchip or lightly patterned, or previously painted. Use a medium pile sleeve for these surfaces – this is the most common pile. 

Rough surfaces are usually artex or more heavily patterned.  Use a long pile sleeve for these surfaces. 

There are also Extra-rough surfaces which can include period building walls, or exposed brickwork.  You’ll need an extra-long pile rollers for these. 

A masonry sleeve is designed perfectly for brickwork, pebbledash and concrete – perfect for outdoors, and indoor surfaces such as cellar walls. 

It may be that there was some loose lint/fabric before you started using it – this is normal.  When using a brand new roller (not applicable for foam) always dampen your hand first and run it over the sleeve to remove and lose bits that are simply there from the manufacturing process. 

Also just double-check you are using the correct roller for the paint you are using. 

This will depend on the roller frame / pole that you’re using.  Both will be either screw-fit or push-fit – we have extension poles that are suitable for both. You can usually tell quite easily by looking at the frame handle.

All our product features will advise the fitting.

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